Protest and reception on OR Tambo Airport Sunday 14th July

Comrade Liv is due to return to the country at 13h20 on Sunday 14th July, 2013 together with her three children. The South African Embassy in Sweden has invited her to apply afresh for a spousal visa. This appears to aid and abet the false claim by the Department of Home Affairs that they have no record of her spousal visa, despite the fact it was first issued to her as long ago as 2007 and re-issued in 2009. The SA embassy further argues that as it is holiday time in Sweden, the application will take up to three weeks. Liv has no choice but to return to the country as the children have to return to school on the 15th July. Apart from the possible consequences of the children not being able to resume their schooling on time, the financial implications of not being able to travel on the date their ticket are booked, are significant. Liv Shange has not committed any crime and all complications at the side of the Department of Home Affairs are there fault.

The Liv Shange Defence Campaign will be proceeding to the airport to welcome her back on the14th July at 13h00. We ask all who support this campaign to join us at the airport.

Should she be unable to return to SA on the14th July for whatever reason, we will continue the campaign until she is allowed back. The details of what this campaign entails will be thrashed out by the LDC Ad Hoc Committee which will meet in the course of next week on a date, time and venue to be announced. We ask all organisations to affiliate to the Ad Hoc Committee and to send representatives to the meeting.

We also ask all supporters to make a donation for the Liv Shange Defence Campaign to pay for legal aid and to help Liv paying new tickets if needed. Please donate to FNB, Bank City, Branch code 250805, Acc no 62027185489, Name Izwi Labasebenzi.