Zimbabwe’s Crisis Deepens: Mass protests and brutal repression

By Leonard Chiwoniso Mhute and Sodindwa Malandelilanga – CWI Zimbabwe On 16 August, the regime in Zimbabwe brutally attacked street demonstrations against the country’s seemingly endless economic and political crisis. The ruling elite fears a protest revolt such as in Sudan, having clearly seen the strength of the masses in action in the three day general strike in January. AfterRead the rest of this page »

2019 Elections – disillusionment with political establishment the winner!

Weizmann Hamilton Executive Committee The 2019 general elections will be seen, in time, as the most important since the advent of democracy.  For the first time since 1994, less than half of the voting age population cast their ballots. There are 35.8 million eligible voters. Of these 26.8 million are on the voters roll. In other words approximately 9 millionRead the rest of this page »

WORKERS DAY: What role can Saftu play in uniting the working class?

For a socialist programme of militant struggle – time for workers to take the offensive against the bosses’ attacks May Day Statement by Shaun Arendse Workers are under attack by the bosses and the politicians that defend the capitalist profit system. There have been tens of thousands of job losses on top of existing mass unemployment. To boost their profitsRead the rest of this page »

How should workers use their vote on 8 May?

National Committee statement For a workers vote against all parties of capitalism From 9 May all working class and socialist organisations should support building a unifying mass socialist workers party On 7 April 2019, the Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party (SRWP) held its three-day inaugural congress. About a thousand delegates attended claiming to represent a membership of 20,000. Many working classRead the rest of this page »

Build a united campaign of all EPWP workers

WASP Bulletin for EPWP workers The Expand Public Works Programme is a so-called government ‘job creation’ scheme. It officially employs 330,000 workers. But in reality it is a slave-labour scheme that enriches profiteering ‘middle men’ through the exploitation of workers and the looting of public funds. As if to prove this, EPWP workers are excluded from the new national minimumRead the rest of this page »

Reserve bank nationalisation: ANC window dressing

Nationalise ALL banks and finance institutions as the foundation for a socialist economy by Shaun Arendse, Executive Committee   On 7 March President Ramaphosa announced in parliament that the ANC government will nationalise the Reserve Bank. He explained that the ANC had taken a “clear resolution that the Bank should be owned by the people of SA”. This was adoptedRead the rest of this page »

International Women’s Day 2019

End oppression with fight for socialism by Clare Doyle for CWI International Secretariat On Friday, 8th March, women across the globe are striking, marching, protesting and celebrating International Women’s Day in unprecedented numbers. In a welcome development, they will be accompanied by more men than in the past who see the need to fight the special oppression of women. NotRead the rest of this page »

Support the budget day march

Build a workers party – mass struggle for a SOCIALIST budget WASP statement We support the Working Class Summit-organised budget march. It is taking place in Cape Town tomorrow (20 February). We call on all trade unions and working class community, youth and student organisations to support it. The working class must build unity in struggle! There is a newRead the rest of this page »

Venezuela: For mass mobilization of workers to build real socialism and put an end to corrupt bureaucracy!

by Executive Committee of Izquierda Revolucionaria (CWI in Venezuela) The new leader of the Venezuelan right and far right, Juan Guaidó, (recently elected president of the counterrevolutionary national Assembly) has proclaimed himself President. He called on his supporters to take to the streets to force through the down fall of Nicolás Maduro’s government. Immediately, the most reactionary governments in LatinRead the rest of this page »

Eyewitness in Zimbabwe

This morning WASP member Goodenough Chimurenga was able to send us an eyewitness report of the mass movement that rocked Zimbabwe last week. Good morning comrades. I’m sorry that I have not been a reliable correspondent on the events obtaining here. My useless phone and the internet blockade have not helped matters at all. I shall try to give youRead the rest of this page »