Liv Shange Defence Campaign

Mineworkers strike, DSM and WASP activist Liv Shange faces deportation

Liv Shange, who is currently with her children on a family visit in Sweden, learned from an article in the Sunday Independent that her immigration status is under investigation. The authorities threaten a deportation order so that she can’t come back into the country. This is linked to the attempt of Gwede Mantashe to scapegoat the Democratic Socialist Movement DSM, one of the founding organisations of WASP, to which Liv Shange belongs, for the resistance in the mines. Mantashe said that foreigners from Sweden were behind what he described as “anarchy in Marikana”. His attack is part of a broader campaign against the mine workers ahead of the planned retrenchments and the wage negotiations. This campaign includes repression such as suspensions of trade-union activists in the mines.

Comrade Liv has been resident in SA since January 2004, married to South African citizen since December 2004. She is a leading member of the DSM. She supported the miners strike in 2012 and founded among others the Workers and Socialist Party WASP in 2013. To debar her from returning to what is now her home, and separate her from her children who are all SA citizens and who need to return to school, would amount to a human rights abuse.

Liv Shange Defence Campaign

An injury to Liv is an injury to all!

We, the undersigned, demand:

  • Liv Shange must be allowed to return to South Africa.
  • Liv Shange be issued with a spousal visa and allowed to apply for permanent residence.
  • Stop repression against trade-union, community and political activists!

PDF-Document: Leaflet and Petition List of Supporters