Irish & German MPs back launch of WASP

Irish Socialist Party MP, Joe Higgins, and Germen Left Party (Die Linke) MP, Niema Movassat, have endorsed the launching of the Workers & Socialist Party

Joe Higgins, says: “It is a privilege to bring solidarity from workers and socialists in Ireland to the launch of the Workers and Socialist Party of South Africa. Working class people in Ireland strongly supported the long and bitter struggle against the evil Apartheid regime in South Africa and we felt uplifted when the heroic struggle and sacrifice of the black masses ended that regime. Now we share the deep disappointment  that the ANC  has betrayed the hopes of the people of South Africa and continues with capitalist exploitation rather than the liberation which the people fought for. Clearly the working class of South Africa – just like in Ireland – needs its own, independent, political party to fight for its rights. The launch of the Workers and Socialist Party is a vital step in the building of a real alternative that will stand shoulder to shoulder with working people and the poor in the struggle for justice.  WASP can show clearly how a democratic, socialist alternative can use and develop the wealth in society for the benefit of the majority  and ensure that tens of millions now suffering great hardship,A can live a life of reasonable comfort and dignity.”

Niema Movassat, says: “ I have been following closely the events of the last year in South Africa. The government responded to your legitimate strike for better wages and working conditions with violence and repression. The former freedom fighters criminalize your protest, neglect its social dimension and thus gambled away your support. Time has come for a new program, a new independent party to emerge from the grass roots. The Workers & Socialist Party was founded by the miners’ strike committees, whose courage I admire and who I give my respect. South Africa needs a shake-up and WASP could be at its forefront.”

Read Niema Movassat’s Endorsement of WASP.