Campaign for Liv Shange takes off

Mineworkers strike, DSM and WASP activist Liv Shange is threatened with a deportation act. This is not only an attack against a WASP member but against the working class movement as a whole and the miners in particular. WASP launched the Liv Shange Defence Campaign and calls on everybody to sign the Online-Petition.

Within two days already more than 330 people signed the Petition and declared support. (List of supporters) In Capetown activists against the Obama visit honoured Liv Shange with the Freedom of Cape-Town award. The author Don Mattera who was living many years in Sweden declared his support for the Liv Shange Defence Campaign.

Member of the European Parliament Paul Murphy wrote a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs: Dept of Home Affairs_Liv Shange260613

We demand:

  • Liv Shange must be allowed to return to South Africa.
  • Liv Shange be issued with a spousal visa and allowed to apply for permanent residence.
  • Stop repression against trade-union, community and political activists!