Workers and Socialist Party encourages AMCU workers to investigate corruption claims

The Workers and Socialist Party (WASP) has received reports from workers at Impala Platinum over corruption allegations against their trade union AMCU (Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union) representatives on shop steward level at as well as higher up in union structures. These allegations are of very serious concern to WASP, and we encourage AMCU to set up an investigation which must not only involve union officials but also a team of rank-and-file AMCU workers, who in our view should play the leading role in examining these claims in a transparent way.

Mineworkers have flocked to AMCU to escape the corruption and treachery within the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM). They need a union where getting into the pockets of the bosses is not only unthinkable but also made impossible through solid, democratic structures at every level – shaft, branch, region, province and national – and a ban on privileges to ensure that shop stewards and other union officials share the living conditions of the members they are elected to represent. This is what WASP has consistently encouraged workers to strive for in taking control over the building of AMCU, as well as other unions. As Marikana made clear, the task that has been thrown onto the shoulders of workers in South Africa is to rebuild and revive the entire labour movement on the principles of worker control, struggle and socialism.

WASP is not calling on the Impala management or the police to investigate AMCU or its shop stewards. We believe union officials must account to the rank-and-file members and that is the workers who must drive any investigation into misconduct.

Zero-tolerance for class collaboration, corruption and anything ‘about us without us’ will be critical for the maintenance of fighting unity as AMCU takes on the platinum giants in a battle for a R12 500 minimum wage. WASP wishes the union all the best in this struggle. As always, we will be active participants in and supporters of the upcoming strike action.

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