Topic 6 – Lessons of the Russian Revolution

 How the working class took power


Reading 1: The Russian Revolution and the Rise of Stalinism (MWT)

(South Africa’s Impending Socialist Revolution, Chapter 2)


Reading 2: The Lessons of October (Trotsky)

Chapter 1 – We Must Study the October Revolution

Chapter 2 – The Democratic Dictatorship of the Proletariat and Peasantry – in February and October

Chapter 3 – The Struggle Against War and Defencism

Chapter 4 – The April Conference

Chapter 5 – The July Days; the Kornilov Episode; the Democratic Conference and the Pre-Parliament

Chapter 6 – On the Eve of the October Revolution; the Aftermath

Chapter 7 – The October Insurrection and Soviet ‘Legality’

Chapter 8 – Again, on the Soviets and the Party in a Proletarian Revolution



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