Crisis of metro coalitions exposes flawed EFF tactics

by Mametlwe Sebei, WASP Executive Committee Starting in Nelson Mandela Bay, a domino effect is now threatening the collapse of the DA-led coalition governments in Tshwane and Johannesburg too. The public spats between the DA, EFF and UDM along with the latest threat by the DA mayor in Tshwane to withdraw from the coalition, shows that parties are failing toRead the rest of this page »

Occupation of PRASA offices saves jobs

A Victory Against Outsourcing at PRASA Lebogang Phanyeko Johannesburg WASP PRASA the state owned rail passenger entity has been reported as involved in massive corruption and looting of state own resources through patronage by corrupt elements of the ANC. They award themselves tenders for self-enrichment whist workers are exploited by companies who are rendering cleaning and security services.   OnRead the rest of this page »

Workers fight poverty pay

International solidarity protests organised Tshwane WASP Workers are fighting against the super-exploitation of the multinational construction company RMD KwikForm. On 23 August workers at RMD’s Nelspruit and Centurion branches began strike action. The workers are members of the GIWUSA union. Workers are demanding a 12% pay rise and a guaranteed ‘13th cheque’ Christmas bonus but the bosses are only willingRead the rest of this page »

Zuma clings on to power

Build a socialist mass workers party for 2019 Executive Committee statement In celebrating Zuma’s victory in the motion of no confidence vote, the majority of the ANC parliamentary caucus has confirmed the contempt in which they hold the majority of the people in SA, particularly the working class and the poor. The immediate backdrop to this vote was the torrentRead the rest of this page »

EFFSC damages Tshwane outsourcing struggle

How can workers defeat outsourcing and win R10,000? A critique of Tshwane EFF Student Command’s abuse of APSA by Tshwane WASP A strike of outsourced workers is underway at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). It began on 22 May and is now in its third week. It has been organised under the banner of #OutsourcingMustFall (#OMF), not least because itRead the rest of this page »

YOUTH DAY: students & workers unite in struggle

by Trevor Shaku Socialist Youth Movement National Convenor The university and college students and pupils have demonstrated throughout history that they are forces of change in society. The latest waves of student struggles have vindicated this clearly, from the young women at Pretoria High School to #FeesMustFall. Moreover, the rich history of workers alliance with students is also long established.Read the rest of this page »

Coloured townships explode

by Weizmann Hamilton, Eldorado Park WASP On 08 May, 2017, simmering resentment at increasingly unbearable social conditions exploded into burning anger in the biggest service delivery protests in Eldorado Park, Gauteng’s largest coloured township, to the south of Johannesburg, since the end of apartheid. Although the looting and violent destruction of property that followed for two days thereafter threatened toRead the rest of this page »

TUT betrays workers

Insourcing agreement torn-up by management Mass meeting of TUT workers HOSTS: #OutsourcingMustFall DATE: Saturday 20 May 2017 TIME: 09h00 VENUE: Burgers Park, Lilian Ngoyi & Jeff Masemola, Pretoria CBD TUT management has broken the agreement that they signed with representatives of outsourced cleaners, landscapers, security guards and caterers on 11 February 2016. It is clear that management never had anyRead the rest of this page »

Which way forward for the students?

by Mametlwe Sebei, Executive Committee This article appears in the current issue of Izwi Labasebenzi (Feb-July 2017). The #FeesMustFall (#FMF) movement swept universities and the entire country with a protest wave against the unaffordable fees that exclude poor students from higher education. Alongside this, the outsourcing of university cleaning, security and other key services, that plunged workers into precarious employmentRead the rest of this page »

March against Zuma – raise the voice of workers & youth

Executive Committee statement The Workers and Socialist Party calls upon all workers – organised and unorganised, youth, democrats, social movement activists, socialists and all people committed to equality and prosperity for all — to support #OutsourcingMustFall and #FeesMustFall and unite in protest against the corrupt Zuma-led cabal that has effectively established a dictatorship over the ANC and society as aRead the rest of this page »