Mugabe Must Fall!

Executive Committee statement The Workers and Socialist Party salutes the youth and workers of Zimbabwe for their courage and determination in standing up to Mugabe’s Zanu-PF dictatorship. We condemn the statement by ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe that the rising up of the masses is the work of a “Third Force.” It demonstrates that the ANC ruling elite holds theRead the rest of this page »

Support the struggle of the Zimbabwean people!

For the unity of the working class, the poor and the youth across Southern Africa Release Pastor Evan Mawarire and all political prisoners Mass action to break Mugabe’s economic blockade The people of Zimbabwe refuse to suffer the rule of Mugabe and his cronies any longer. They are rising up in protest at mass unemployment, widespread poverty and his brutal policeRead the rest of this page »

The 1976 Soweto Uprising – from Black Consciousness to Socialism

On the 40th Anniversary of the Soweto Uprising we are republishing, with a new introduction, an article that first appeared in the Inqaba Ya Basebenzi journal of the Marxist Workers Tendency (a forerunner of WASP) on the 10th anniversary, in 1986, analysing the events of those twenty months of rebellion and the ideas of Black Consciousness. We are also re-publishingRead the rest of this page »

The 2016 Local Government Elections

Executive Committee statement The 3 August local government elections come against the background of the worst crisis the ruling capitalist class has faced since the ANC came to power. On the one hand, the crisis in capitalist rule is reflected on the political front in the intensification of the struggle for control of the ANC and a realignment of theRead the rest of this page »

Lessons of #FeesMustFall

by Trevor Shaku This article appears in the current issue of Izwi Labasebenzi. The FMF movement started in 2015 by successfully resisting a proposed tuition fees increment across universities in SA. However the “second” wave of struggle towards free education, is limping. This arises from various factors. The three meetings held by FMF representatives towards the end of 2015, representingRead the rest of this page »

Workers summit: how can we make the new federation a success?

For a socialist programme For accountable and transparent leadership For bold and militant struggle For a socialist mass workers party On Saturday 30 April a workers summit is taking place in Johannesburg to discuss how to take forward the creation of a new trade union federation. Some 3,000 worker delegates are expected to attend. The idea of the summit hasRead the rest of this page »

Has the “Numsa moment” passed?

by Weizmann Hamilton This article appears in the current issue of Izwi Labasebenzi. The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa’s, (Numsa) December 2013 Special National Congress was historic. In announcing that it would not campaign for the ANC in the 2014 general elections, denouncing the SA Communist Party and withholding its Cosatu subscription, Numsa took the first political stepRead the rest of this page »

Zuma & the ANC must fall

Build a socialist mass workers party for a government of the working class This article will appear as the editorial in the forthcoming issue of Izwi Labasebenzi. The 31 March 2016 Constitutional Court Nkandla corruption scandal judgment has plunged the ANC government into its deepest crisis since 1994. The Concourt’s emphatic, and in the words of one commentator, even defiantRead the rest of this page »

The lessons of building #OutsourcingMustFall

This article will appear in the forthcoming issue of Izwi Labasebenzi. by Shaun Arendse The strike of outsourced cleaners, landscapers, security guards and caterers that began in Tshwane colleges and universities on 11 January under the banner of #OutsourcingMustFall opened a new round of campus protests. Developing into a rolling strike, major victories were won in Tshwane even as newRead the rest of this page »

Africa rising: what’s left of the good news?

by Liv Shange, CWI Sweden Originally published in the February issue of Socialism Today. The abrupt slowdown in the growth of the Chinese economy, along with economic crises in western imperialist countries, has put the brakes on the new scramble for Africa. Largely driven by raw material exports, the growth has been lopsided, fuelling inequality and class polarisation. Over theRead the rest of this page »