Nigeria elections – Main parties offer no alternative

Socialists raise banner of struggle General elections are scheduled for Nigeria in February and March. February 16 is due to see the election of the president and National Assembly, while on March 2 governors and state assemblies in most of Nigeria’s 36 states, alongside local elections in the federal capital Abuja, are scheduled.   These elections will see the recentlyRead the rest of this page »

France: Revolt of the ‘Yellow Shirts’

For more than a month now, since 17 November, France has seen an apparently unstoppable revolt from below. A massive tide of very visible protest has swept the country, initially against a rise in the tax on diesel, but rapidly becoming a revolt of the oppressed against ‘the president of the rich’, Emmanuel Macron. On the evening of 10 December,Read the rest of this page »

The EFF is 5… and at sixes and sevens

by Weizmann Hamilton Executive Committee This article appears in the new issue of Izwi Labasebenzi (Issue No. 2 of 2018). The EFF has turned five, but it finds itself at sixes and sevens. The VBS corruption revelations may be shocking, but they are no aberration. This is but the latest example of the EFF’s mounting contradictions. The timing could notRead the rest of this page »

Potential for working class unity in new mass party

Saftu and the Working Class Summit must seize the opportunity! This article appears as the editorial of the new issue of Izwi Labasebenzi (Issue No. 2 of 2018). Not since the advent of democracy has the crisis of capitalism and its political parties revealed itself as starkly as it is now. Despite the ANC government’s measures, directed by domestic andRead the rest of this page »

Patriarchy and the Workers Movement

Executive Committee statement Patriarchy – where it is accepted as ‘normal’ for men to dominate and hold authority over women – is a serious problem throughout South African society. It is visible in the sky-high levels of rape and domestic violence, including the murder of women by their partners, sexual harassment in the workplace and on the street, inequality betweenRead the rest of this page »

The Working Class Summit – an historic step forward

by Weizmann Hamilton, Executive Committee The Working Class Summit convened by South African Federation of Trade Unions over the weekend of 22-23rd July, 2018, was potentially the most important political development in the workers movement since the dawn of the democratic era. A thousand delegates representing 147 community organisations responded to the call. The overwhelming majority of Working Class SummitRead the rest of this page »

Victory for the oppressed workers in Flagstaff

by Vuyo Mapompo, Flagstaff  WASP Flagstaff in the Eastern Cape, is where one particularly witnesses the most disgusting and worst oppression of workers. Mostly in shops. The town itself is filled with independently owned shops. Most of those employers exploit the labour of the workers and subject them to inhumane working conditions. Workers earn as little as R10 per hourRead the rest of this page »

WASP National Committee Meeting: Questions & Answers on the SA political situation

The Workers and Socialist Party held its National Committee in Johannesburg on 1 and 2 September. The meeting was attended by Alec Thraves on behalf of the International Executive Committee of the CWI, the revolutionary socialist international to which WASP is affiliated. South Africa’s long history of struggle means that many of the most thinking workers across the globe followRead the rest of this page »

Violence Against Women & the Struggle for Socialism

WASP members will be participating in the #TotalShutdown marches organised for 1 August. by WASP Womens Caucus The Medical Research Council of South Africa revealed in 2017 that it is women who are among the poorest 20% of society that experience the most violence. SAPS 2016/17 reported that a woman is raped every 36 seconds and in 2015 Stats SARead the rest of this page »

The workers party we need

by Sheri Hamilton Executive Committee The SA Federation of Trade Unions’ 25 April national strike potentially signals a decisive shift in working class struggle. The estimated 100,000 workers silenced Saftu’s critics.  Millions now look to Saftu as an alternative to Cosatu and as a point of reference. This was in fact the first conscious political general strike against the ANCRead the rest of this page »