Another victory against job losses in Bhisho!

by Ferron Pedro, Executive Committee On 31 October, 54 outsourced security workers working at the Eastern Cape Department of Roads and Public Works had their contracts terminated. Many had worked at their posts for more than 6 years and were suddenly without jobs because a tender had been awarded to a new company. Like in many other cities and provinces,Read the rest of this page »

Capitalism kills! The avoidable tragedy of Life Esidimeni

by Federica Miccoli, Tshwane WASP Life Esidimeni. A name which has become identical with the horrific abuse of the most vulnerable, identical with exploitation, neglect, indifference and inhumanity. A name that should remain carved in our memories like Marikana, where human beings were sacrificed on the altar of capitalism. A story whose every detail underlines the ways a neo-liberal societyRead the rest of this page »

Are the Coloureds marginalized?

by Weizmann Hamilton Executive Committee & Eldorado Park WASP This article appears in the August 2017-March 2018 issue of Izwi Labasebenzi On 8 May 2017, working class discontent exploded in the coloured township of Eldorado Park, south of Johannesburg, and spread rapidly to coloured townships to its north, south, east and west. Although the protests came to be dominated byRead the rest of this page »

Mugabe has gone – but his regime remains in power

by Weizmann Hamilton and Tinovimbanashe Gwenyaya The takeover of power by the Zimbabwe defence force is a military coup in all but name. It represents a turning point in post-independence Zimbabwe and the almost certain end of Mugabe’s reign. The military take-over was precipitated by the dismissal of Mugabe’s most loyal henchman for the past thirty seven years, Emmerson Mnangagwa.Read the rest of this page »

Reject the Heher Report

Struggle for free education must continue Socialist Youth Movement Statement After mounting pressure, president Zuma has now released the long awaited Heher Commission report on the feasibility of free higher education. Located firmly within the framework of “free market”, that is, neo-liberal capitalist economics, its conclusion that free education is unaffordable comes as no surprise.  The Feesmustfall campaign for freeRead the rest of this page »

Worker killed at University of Pretoria

Brutality of outsourcing exposed By Ferron Pedro, Tshwane WASP & UP Socialist Youth Movement Mokhiti Johannes Moeti, a worker outsourced to Servest, was killed on Monday when he was pulled into a powerful chipper machine at University of Pretoria’s LC De Villiers campus. Mulisa Mabudafhasi, Moeti’s coworker, found his body, which had been butchered by the machine. According to accounts from workers,Read the rest of this page »

GIWUSA Congress: a step forward for workers movement

Executive Committee statement The Workers and Socialist Party congratulates the General Industries Workers Union of South Africa (GIWUSA), and all its members, office bearers and officials on their successful National Congress which took place over the last weekend. This, GIWUSA’s 4th National Congress, saw a landmark decision in the history of the union. Delegates voted in favour of affiliation toRead the rest of this page »

Mogadishu Terror Attack

No to terror! No to imperialist intervention! Solidarity with the working class and poor people of Somalia By Mametlwe Sebei, Executive Committee The horrifying carnage of the bomb blast in Somalia resulted in the tragic loss of more than 300 lives, maiming and terrible injuries of hundred more and massive destruction of the already ruined infrastructure of the capital city,Read the rest of this page »

Reshuffle: Zuma throttles SACP

By Weizmann Hamilton, Executive Committee Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle – his twelfth in eight years – underlines the depth of the ANC’s crisis. Carried out a mere 58 days ahead of the most important elective conference in the ANC’s history, Zuma’s move has a number of inter-related objectives: firstly to strengthen his faction. The axing of Nzimande is aimed at silencingRead the rest of this page »

What can be done to end violence against women? 

Women’s month tarnished by ANC Minister: by Ferron Pedro, National Committee Three days before South Africans would celebrate National Women’s Day, a video showing Deputy Minister of Higher Education Mduduzi Manana physically assaulting a woman outside of a nightclub, went viral. Soon photos of the woman’s scars and bruises as well as a recording of Manana admitting to the assaultRead the rest of this page »