No to xenophobia! United struggle for jobs, houses and services for all

Organise against xenophobia Organise our communities to fight crime and drugs Contact WASP on 082 471 2034 to work with us on this issue. Download this article as a printable flyer here. Mamelodi Concerned Residents is handing out flyers around Tshwane. They want people to march against “illegal immigrants”. They are blaming “foreigners” for all the problems in our communitiesRead the rest of this page »

No to homophobia!

For a united working class movement against prejudice & discrimination  Bishop Dag Heward-Mills caused controversy during his guest sermon at the Grace Bible Church on Sunday when he told the congregation that homosexuality was “unnatural”. Somizi Mhlongo, a member of the congregation and a gay man, walked out of the church in outrage at the remarks. He later posted aRead the rest of this page »

Protest Trump’s Inauguration on Friday

          VENUE: US Consulate ADDRESS: 1 Sandton Drive (opposite Sandton City), Johannesburg TIME: from 5pm DATE: Friday, 20 January   Solidarity with the American working class! Build a global united working class movement against imperialism and reaction Friday will see the biggest protests in the United States to ever welcome the inauguration (swearing in to office)Read the rest of this page »


As 2017 opens, the Workers and Socialist Party continues to stand in solidarity with the struggles of the working class, poor communities and the youth and students. We will not offer any false words and empty promises like the capitalist politicians in their new year statements. For the working class, 2017 will be a ‘prosperous year’ only if we areRead the rest of this page »

Build mass global resistance to Trump

A Presidency of chaos and struggle By Philip Locker and Tom Crean, Socialist Alternative (CWI in USA) Socialist Alternative is the United States affiliate of the Committee for a Workers International – the sister party of the Workers and Socialist Party. They played a key role in mobilising 40,000 protesters onto the streets of New York, Boston, Seattle and otherRead the rest of this page »

State’s Free Education Crackdown targets WASP activists

Victimisation of #OutsourcingMustFall activists State tries to crush worker-student unity in struggle for free education Two leading activists of the #OutsourcingMustFall movement, both members of the Workers and Socialist Party (WASP), are facing legal harassment for their role in supporting the struggle for free education. Austin Mofya, also an organiser for the Tshwane branch of the GIWUSA union, is dueRead the rest of this page »

Struggle for free education at a crossroad

Organise a national day of action Convene a national student assembly WASP & Socialist Youth Movement statement The struggle for free education is reaching a crossroads. After three weeks of successful campus shutdowns, student activists see the goal of free education as being in reach. But for the broad mass of students, including the overwhelming majority who support the ideaRead the rest of this page »

ANC in crisis

Socialist mass workers party needed Weizmann Hamilton Executive Committee This article appears in the new issue of Izwi Labasebenzi. The 3 August municipal elections and the student protests have confirmed our perspective following the Marikana massacre: “The battle lines [have been] drawn for colossal struggles to come … the political reverberations will continue to rock the country like the aftershocksRead the rest of this page »

Solidarity with students – Struggle for free education

WASP & Socialist Youth Movement statement The second round in the struggle for free education is underway. Campuses across the country were shut-down on Tuesday as protests began against the ANC government’s announcement that universities would be allowed to determine fee increase for the next academic year. At the end of 2015 the #FeesMustFall movement inflicted a heavy defeat on theRead the rest of this page »

Local elections message – need for a mass working class party

by Weizmann Hamilton 3 August 2016, will go down at an electoral level, as a turning point in the ANC’s post apartheid history – a point at which the arrow of its political fortunes is now firmly pointing south. As events since the elections have demonstrated, the aura of the ANC as the all-conquering party of liberation destined to ruleRead the rest of this page »