Violence Against Women & the Struggle for Socialism

WASP members will be participating in the #TotalShutdown marches organised for 1 August. by WASP Womens Caucus The Medical Research Council of South Africa revealed in 2017 that it is women who are among the poorest 20% of society that experience the most violence. SAPS 2016/17 reported that a woman is raped every 36 seconds and in 2015 Stats SARead the rest of this page »

The workers party we need

by Sheri Hamilton Executive Committee The SA Federation of Trade Unions’ 25 April national strike potentially signals a decisive shift in working class struggle. The estimated 100,000 workers silenced Saftu’s critics.  Millions now look to Saftu as an alternative to Cosatu and as a point of reference. This was in fact the first conscious political general strike against the ANCRead the rest of this page »

Will land expropriation without compensation end inequality?

by Weizmann Hamilton Executive Committee The ANC’s May 2018 Land Summit has referred a proposal to amend its Expropriation Bill to its NEC to allow for expropriation of land without compensation (EWC). Then the Constitutional Court will be asked to test it for compliance with Clause 25 – the Property Clause. Malema has offered his party’s 6% to the ANC’sRead the rest of this page »

The Ramaphosa Presidency

Can CR save the ANC in 2019? by Shaun Arendse Executive Committee The ANC has admitted that they could lose their majority in next year’s national elections. A leaked internal report says the possibility that the ANC will only remain in power in a coalition with other parties is “high”. It does not rule-out being forced out of power andRead the rest of this page »

Israeli state massacres Palestinians

Trump dangerously raises tensions in region Taken from the editorial of The Socialist (Issue 995), newspaper of the Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales) Picture: CWI members protest in Haifa, Israel Around the world people have watched in horror at the unfolding violence perpetrated by the Israeli state against Palestinian protesters in Gaza. Sixty were killed on 14 May alone,Read the rest of this page »

Defend the right to strike! Scrap the LRA amendments

* Support Saftu’s action on 25 April * Unite the working class in a campaign of rolling-mass actions * Capitalist parties will give us laws for the bosses – workers’ need their own party Download pamphlet here. The bosses’ know that they are in a war with the working class. That is why they are upgrading their weapons. They wantRead the rest of this page »

Winnie – a warrior

by Weizmann Hamilton, Executive Committee With the passing of Winnie Nomzamo Madikizela-Mandela, the ANC has lost arguably the most beloved and certainly one of the greatest of the leaders of her generation. Denied an opportunity in life to acknowledge her role, she is now being celebrated in death by the thousands. The magnitude of public sympathy has been such thatRead the rest of this page »

Women’s oppression in Nigeria under patriarchy and oppression

International Women’s Day 2018: Women’s oppression in Nigeria under patriarchy and oppression by Women’s Committee, Democratic Socialist Movement (CWI Nigeria) We women in Nigeria live in utter privation. We still face oppression of various kinds both at home, work, schools and in society – such as the refusal to legalize abortion (abortion rights), divorce rights, rape/harassment and so on. AllRead the rest of this page »

Capitalism oppresses women – fight for socialism!

International Women’s Day 2018: Capitalism oppresses women – fight for socialism! by Hannah Sell, CWI International Secretariat When the twenty first century dawned young women in the US and much of Europe were being told that equality was within their grasp. They didn’t need feminism because capitalism was offering a glittering future based on growing prosperity and gender equality. TodayRead the rest of this page »

Zuma ousted

by Weizmann Hamilton, Executive Committee Inside two months following his election as ANC president at the party’s December 2017 national conference, Cyril Ramaphosa has realised the ambition he reportedly set himselfnwhilst still at high school according to a close childhood friend – to become the country’s president. If his victory in the ANC presidential succession race was not at allRead the rest of this page »